Thyristor Heater Control

Our Thyristor heater control solutions are designed and built to your requirements. The panel is designed to control an electric heater, battery single or three phase and a single or 3 phase supply fan. The supply fan has an on/off switch on the panel facia, and individual run and trip indicators, the supply fan also has a two minute run on timer.


  • Door interlocking isolator
  • Indication for Panel Live, and individual Run and Trip indicators for the Heater and Supply Fan
  • Thermal overload and MCB protection for the Supply fan
  • Individual On – Off switches for the Heater, and Supply Fan
  • Fire alarm contacts for shutdown in fire situation
  • Digital thermostat on panel facia for Heater control
  • 2 minute Supply Fan run on timer


Loose Supply Items

  • Duct sensor


  • 1 or 3 Phase Supply fan
  • 1 or 3 Phase Electric Heater
  • Heater cut-out and Airflow switch
  • Fire alarm circuit
  • Duct sensor

Required supply: depends on requirements
Supply fan: depends on requirements
Heater battery: depends on requirements

Thyristor Heater Control Enquiries

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