Pizza Union, London

We are all only too aware that all of the UK’s restaurants have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, prior to this, a significant number of HVAC controllers are routinely being designed and manufactured by Sarum Electronics for this very demanding market.

One of the many controllers that Sarum designed and manufactured, in the months prior to lockdown, was for installation at one of the Pizza Union’s busy London restaurants. Sarum designed, manufactured and supplied a HVAC controller, to manage the airflow in the restaurant, kitchen and washroom.

BS 6173 gas interlock is one of the features that we regularly design into our panels. It is specific to commercial kitchens ventilation, where gas appliances are used for cooking which generates CO2 and more dangerously, CO. Apart from controlling the temperature and airflow in the ventilation system, if the airflow falls below the set point, then the control panel activates a gas solenoid to switch off the gas supply.

The panel also controls LPHW (low pressure hot water), to fan coil units for comfort heating of the restaurant.

Sarum designed and manufactured the HVAC controller, working in partnership with Essex‐based RTR Electrics.