Server Room Cooling

35 years of control panel manufacture for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

All business organisations in this modern day and age are heavily reliant on server room cooling for computers and data systems. When it comes to ensuring that this type of delicate equipment, typically located in server rooms and other IT facilities, is stored safely, effective air conditioning solutions play a crucial role in this.

Server rooms, big and small, require enhanced protection from heat and humidity control. This is to avoid potential system damage, data loss or slow performance.

Here at Sarum Electronics, we fully understand that each business environment has various building performance needs and, in more recent cases, the demand to save on energy costs. So, whether it is a small server room or a large data centre, we work directly with HVAC installers to design reliable and bespoke server room cooling solutions to keep the temperature and humidity levels fully monitored.

Air Conditioning Duty Share Controls

Sarum Electronics have designed an Air Conditioning Duty Share Control Panel which can be manufactured to operate in a simple 1:1 configuration with 1 duty & 1 standby, or up to a 4:1 configuration for larger systems. The panel automatically swaps the duty panel every 100 hours. It spreads the load to prevent one unit from failing prematurely.

Compatible with all leading brands of Air Conditioning

Our cost-effective, energy-efficient air conditioning duty share panel not only serves 24/7/365 cooling for an organisation’s IT and data. It is also compatible with all market-leading AC units. Sarum’s panels connect to fault outputs from individual AC units, as well as independently monitoring the server room ambient temperature.

If an AC unit goes into fault, or if the ambient temperature rises above the threshold. The Sarum control panel then takes appropriate action by starting a standby unit and raising an alarm.

Additionally, Sarum’s GSM dialler and email alert software can be provided to alert stakeholders that there is a problem.

For a full functional description see our dedicated product page here.

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