Heating & Hot Water

35 years of control panel manufacture for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating & Hot Water Solutions by Sarum Electronics

Heating & hot water systems are one of the highest energy costs, as well as being an essential service for every building. Whether it is a care home, hotel, school, office building or any other commercial property, the heating and hot water system works most effectively and efficiently with reliable controls that are easy to operate.

High end residential projects also benefit from a centralised control panel to ensure reliable operation of heating & hot water systems in large properties.

Bespoke HVAC Control Panels for UK Installers

With this in mind, Sarum Electronics offers customised HVAC solutions targeting heating and hot water, for new build and upgrade projects. Our design and manufacturing expertise offers HVAC contractors a centralised controls package for installation in boiler rooms.

Sarum’s quality heating and hot water solutions directly support and manage the operation of boilers and associated pumps, valves, pressurisation units, etc to ensure optimal comfort for your customers whilst improving on energy savings.

Sarum Electronics control panels support regular plant room safety features such as thermal links, leak detection, gas sensors, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide sensors. All panels also come with fire alarm connections to ensure plant is switched off in the event of fire.

A benefit of automatic controls positioned in a secure plant room is that the building manager has control over who can alter the timers or manually override the hot water settings.
Sarum were asked to do this by Vantage Facilities for The Hollies Care Home in Burghfield, Reading, visit our Projects page to learn more.

If you would like to know more about Sarum’s Heating & Hot Water solutions, get in touch with our dedicated team on 01258 480802 or at info@sarumelectronics.co.uk.
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