Auto Changeover Control Panel

Our single phase auto changeover control panel is designed to control single phase motors up to 6.3amps. We can also build a single phase auto changeover control panel with a higher rating in the style of our three phase auto changeover panels. The panels are designed to be easily connected to external speed controls, remote time clocks etc.

This auto changeover control panel is designed :
1. To automatically change from one motor to another in the event of a fault condition.

2. To ensure even duty of the motors, in its “Auto” mode, switch
between motor 1 and motor 2 approximately every 5 hours. Alternatively, either motor can be selected and will only switch
to standby in a fault condition. A double pole switch with neon is provided to switch the unit ON-OFF, the neon in the switch is illuminated in the ON position.

3. So that in the event of a fault condition, the controller will
automatically switch to standby motor. The display on the
front of the control will show which motor is running and
which has a fault. In addition to the fault indicator, a volt free
contact rated at 230V 50Hz 5A will make under fault condition
and stay made until the fault is removed and the control reset
by switching OFF and back ON.

4. So a fault condition can be monitored by any device or devices
with a volt free contact which makes in a fault situation.
This can be an airflow switch, flow switch, pressure switch,
thermostat, humidity switch or any other suitable device.

5. With a built-in electronic timer to prevent a fault condition
being shown at turn on. This timer is set for approximately 20
seconds and will prevent spurious fault switching. Only after a fault condition has been monitored for 20 seconds will the standby motor be switched on.

6. For 230V 50Hz SINGLE PHASE motors with a maximum full
load current of 6 AMPS each. A fuse is provided for each motor and is replaceable from the front of the controller.



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Auto changeover controller applications and features:

  • Single phase fans and pumps up to 6.3amps
    • Volt-free fault contacts
    • Remote enable contacts to connect to BMS, PIR sensor, light switch
    • Duty changes over every 5 hours and on fault condition
    • Option for wiring a single speed control to work with a manual fan selector switch for either or motor 1, motor 2 and auto
  • Supply requirement: Single phase supply – 6.3amp 230v 50hz
  • Fault contacts up to 5amps 230v

Sarum also manufactures an EC fan version of our single phase auto changeover controller fitted with a speed control pot with panel facia control. The 3 phase version is also available manufactured to customer specifications that can include inverter speed controls, one per fan or one inverter shared between fans.

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