Bespoke Control Panels

35 years of control panel manufacture for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

As quality manufacturers of bespoke building control systems, Sarum has built up relationships with consultants, M&E contractors and building managers, spanning multiple types of buildings and environments.

Our experienced system designers will work with you at all stages, from specifications and initial concept through to manufacturing and, ultimately, delivery.

Sarum bespoke control panels include:

  • Fire alarm contacts 230v as standard, 24v on request
  • Run-on timers for supply fans when interlocked with electric heater
  • Door mounted isolator switch
  • Panel live indicator
  • 230v control circuit, 24v on request


  • Inverter speed controls either built into the panel or IP66 remote mounted versions
  • Electronic single phase speed controls
  • Transformer speed controls
  • Carbon dioxide sensors to control fan speed
  • Pressure transducers to maintain constant pressure in the system
  • Localised emergency stops to shutdown either the whole system or specific plant
  • Remote user panels, from simple run and fault indicators to full remote mimic panels
  • Siemens controller with bacnet capability
  • Client logos and own branding as required

Bespoke Control Panels Examples

Our bespoke control panels are all designed and manufactured to individual customer requirements. For advice on your individual requirements, complete an enquiry form or contact our knowledgeable team.
We also supply a range of standard HVAC controllers.
Please see below for examples of bespoke control panels we have supplied in the past: