HVAC Control Panels

35 years of control panel manufacture for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control panels are systems that manage the temperature and air in a given environment. They are suitable for commercial, residential, public or industrial usage.

Sarum Electronics, UK specialist HVAC control panel manufacturer, has been supplying quality manufactured HVAC controls for over three decades and our extensive knowledge and experience with HVAC systems is one of the primary reasons why clients choose our services.

Heating controllers

Ventilation controllers

Air Conditioning controllers


HVAC control panels for every need

Sarum Electronics is committed to meeting the expectations of every customer. Therefore we provide either standard or bespoke solutions designed and manufactured to individual customer requirements:

Bespoke design and manufactured HVAC controllers for:

  • Electric heating
  • Gas heating
  • Hot water systems, boilers & pumps
  • Chilled water systems

Read more about our Bespoke HVAC control panels here.

Standard built to order HVAC controllers:

Read more about Standard HVAC controllers here.

Environmental control for any sector

The importance of environmental control lies in the need to adapt to the surrounding conditions which are essential for your business, products or for the comfort and positive experience of your employees and members of the public. Sarum’s HVAC control panel systems are suitable for various sectors:

Suitability and compatibility

All our solutions are designed to work with either existing or newly installed equipment and can oversee single or multiple environmental HVAC control systems. Both types of service are carried out under the professional supervision of our highly experienced and friendly technicians.

HVAC  control panel products after-sales care

Quality is paramount for us and can be seen in our products, services and aftersales care. Rigorous testing and a robust quality procedure helps ensure that all our products work perfectly from day one. Our attention to detail makes us confident in providing a 12 month guarantee giving you peace of mind that our products will always perform as you expect. Read more about our hvac control panel product support here.