1 Step Heater Control Panel

The 1 Step heater control panel is designed to control a single phase fan and a single phase heater up to 3kW. The heater is interlock with the fan and the temperature is controlled by a digital thermostat monitoring a duct sensor.

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  • The control panel is designed to give a fast and easy installation.
  • External wiring is kept to a minimum.
  • On site a main supply is connected to the control, then outputs to the fan, heater, safety circuits (heater over temperature, airflow switch) are wired in.
  • The sensor supplied with the panel can be mounted into the extract or return air duct or, if ordered as a room sensor, in the room itself.
  • It should never be positioned near the heater.
  • Switches on the panel then allow control of the fan and heater. The heater is interlocked with the fan circuit and can only run with the fan switched on.
  • All outputs to the fan and each heater element are protected by MCB’s.
  • The whole panel can be controlled via a 7 day time clock to turn on or off in a controlled manner.

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