Duty Share Control

Our duty share control panels are designed to meet your requirements controlling up to six air conditioning units in any configuration. We can also incorporate an auto dialler which will send you a message on unit fault.

If the duty unit sends a fault signal to the panel, the fault indicator lamp will illuminate and the panel will switch on the standby unit, the volt free fault contacts will make, the audible alarm will sound.

The control panel is also designed to monitor the room temperature, if the room temperature rises above the set point both units will run, the volt free fault contacts will make, the audible alarm will sound, when the temperature drops below the set point the panel will go back to normal operation.


  • Door interlocking isolator
  • Indication for Panel Live, Alarm, Fire Alarm Operated and
  • individual Duty and Fault indicators for each unit
  • Fire alarm contacts for shutdown in fire situation
  • Volt free common fault output
  • Change over on unit fault
  • Duty share every 100 hours
  • Digital thermostat to show room temperature
  • Audible alarm for unit fault and high temperature, with mute


  • Indoor unit x 2
  • Fire alarm circuit
  • Room sensor
  • Volt free fault contacts

Loose Supply Items

  • Room sensor

Required supply: 2Amps 230V 50Hz
Enclosure Details:
Dimensions: 300(w) x 400(h) x 150(d)mm
Finish: RAL 7035 textured
Cable entry: Top
Weatherproof: No

Installation Instructions
The control panel is designed for wall mounting in a clean, dry environment where the ambient temperature does not exceed 30°C.

A space approximately 50mm should be left around the enclosure to allow for heat dissipation.

Fix the enclosure to the wall using proprietary fixings. Remove the gland plate then drill and gland for necessary cable entry and exits.

Replace the gland plate and wire panel in accordance with the wiring diagram.

All wiring must comply with current regulations and be in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Duty Share Control Enquiries

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