Public Sector

35 years of control panel manufacture for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Control for the public environments

Many of the controllers Sarum manufacture are installed in buildings within public and educational environments. In either case, temperature control is essential for visitors and occupants. During the winter, minimum environmental temperatures have to be maintained to keep a building open so having fully functional heating and ventilation systems is crucial for building managers.

Reliable and cost-effective HVAC solutions

The control of buildings’ HVAC systems relies on well designed and carefully built operating panels. Sarum has been involved in both standard and bespoke HVAC control panel design, build and supply for over two decades. Over this period of time we have built a reputation for reliability and cost-effectiveness, with an expert service that covers a wide range and age of HVAC equipment. Our system designers will work with you to provide a control system that integrates with either existing or new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


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