Hot Water Heating Control with Heat Recovery

Our hot water heater control panel is available with or without heat recovery. The control panels are built to order and are supplied with duct sensor and frost protection thermostat.

It is designed to control a LPHW heating valve, supply and extract fans, and a face / bypass damper. The control panel is also designed to be wired into the buildings fire alarm circuit, this will shut the panel down in the case of a fire.

The temperature is controlled by the SB37 control PCB, this monitors the supply air via a duct sensor fitted in the duct at least 2M from the heating coil). The heater can be switched on and off by the facia mounted heater switch and has an on lamp on the facia to show the heating is enabled. The damper is controlled by the same SB37 pcb, this monitors a second duct sensor which is positioned in the fresh air duct.



  • Door interlocking isolator
  • Indication for Panel Live, Heater on, Frost stat operated, and individual Supply and Extract Fan Run and Trip
  • Individual On – Off switches for the Heater, Supply and Extract fans
  • Fire alarm contacts for shutdown in fire situation
  • Volt free common fault output
  • Facia mounted 7 day time clock
  • Hand Off Auto selector switch
  • Temperature set points for heater and damper
  • Frost protection thermostat to prevent coil freezing


Loose Supply Items

  • Duct sensor x 2
  • Frost thermostat


  • 1 or 3 Phase Supply fan
  • 1 or 3 Phase Extract fan
  • LPHW Heater coil
  • Frost thermostat
  • Fire alarm circuit
  • Duct sensor x 2
  • Damper
  • BMS enable
  • Volt free common fault output


Time Clock

Speed Control

Frost Thermostat

Damper Motor


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