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Our Building Energy Management services

With many facility and building managers prioritising energy costs and environmental factors for electricity generation, BEMS (Building Energy Management System) solutions and technologies have become even more prevalent in the current climate.

Energy Management Solutions by Sarum Electronics

Each company’s approach to energy management will differ according to all sorts of factors. Energy reporting can be as simple as manual recording of energy meters, or as sophisticated as cloud-based energy analytics.

The common theme is that each strategy requires building controls and systems for measuring energy consumption, with the aim of reducing energy costs while maintaining building performance.

Sarum Electronics design and build BEMS control panels to meet individual needs. We combine our HVAC & panel building know-how with leaders in BEMS solutions to deliver successful projects.

HVAC system controls, combined with electricity meters, heat meters and cooling meters, can be incorporated in a single panel, such as the one delivered to Tommy Hilfiger. The facilities manager can easily manage all the building systems from one place, and see how much energy is being used.

BEMS energy management software and analytics can be operated off the back of Sarum Electronics BEMS control panels incorporating full HVAC controls and metering. Critical feedback on energy usage is then fed to the backend via a controller or PLC.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Large companies may be required to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). They must complete audits of energy usage every four years, to identify cost-effective, energy-saving measures. Forward-looking organisations can undergo ISO 50001 certification to establish energy efficiency credentials and potentially huge cost savings. Even SME companies can benefit from an energy strategy, especially with rising energy bills.

To help all companies wanting to reduce energy bills, Sarum Electronics can provide new HVAC controllers fitted with energy monitoring devices. A single panel can allow building managers to optimise their HVAC settings while monitoring energy usage.

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