Commercial Catering

35 years of control panel manufacture for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Commercial kitchens and restaurants have to meet strict guidelines above and beyond regular building regulations. Safety and environmental standards have to be met, while also creating an atmosphere that is comfortable for kitchen staff, and appealing for diners and guests.

Sarum’s bespoke HVAC controllers for Commercial Catering

These requirements place high importance on the HVAC controls strategy. Sarum Electronics have designed and built hundreds of commercial kitchen control panels over the last 35 years.

See our Projects section for some great examples.

We fully understand the issues faced by contractors:

  • Ventilation – Full control to ensure fresh air quality without wasting energy
  • Heating – LPHW and electric heater batteries, to ensure efficient temperature control
  • Air conditioning – Integrated controls for seamless operation
  • Gas safety – Ventilation interlocked with gas supply, carbon monoxide alarms
  • Odour control – UV odour control systems to meet environmental requirements
  • Particulate control – Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) to remove grease and particulates from kitchen extracts

Sarum can also supply a wide range of bespoke restaurant control panels to various individual requirements. Visit our Restaurant Control Panel page for more information.

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