Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Southampton

Amazon is the one of the four largest global technology companies and the world’s largest online retailer. To facilitate delivery demands in the UK, Amazon operates multiple fulfilment centres across the country.

Working in partnership with our client, Delta Ventilation, Sarum Electronics has supplied HVAC solutions for Amazon locations in Neasden, London, Tilbury and Southampton.

The project at Amazon’s new fulfilment centre in Southampton required the design and manufacture of two large floor-mounted panels, each 1.8m wide. The panels were required to manage six 2.3kW induction fans, to direct the air flow towards four 15kW extractor fans.

Each of the fans are driven by individual inverter speed controls, to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance.

Following on from the installation, we subsequently revisited the site and added a common fault alarm to run three beacon sounders. This required modification to the two NeOSS BMS controllers. We also added a failsafe battery backup and fireman’s switch, and installed six CO sensors to run along the extensive loading bay which can accommodate up to 50 commercial vehicles.

All work was undertaken on-site and prior to the COVID-19 lockdown.