Prezzo, 5-7 High Street, Epsom

For several years Sarum Electronics has maintained supply relationships with a number of the UK’s leading restaurant chains. Today there are Sarum HVAC control solutions situated in many of the UK’s prime high street restaurants including Prezzo.

Working with Extracair Installations Ltd, specialist suppliers and installers of air conditioning systems, Sarum Electronics designed and manufactured a selection of Sarum Controls for use in Prezzo restaurants. Sarum controllers will manage the HVAC systems that are being commissioned and installed by Extracair Installations Ltd.

In busy popular restaurants like Prezzo, air temperature control is not only essential for customer comfort but also to keep the kitchens well ventilated and cool, particularly in the summer when food preparation and serving temperature is critical to ensure customers enjoy their meals.

The Sarum Control solutions we provided manage:

  • 3 phase kitchen extractor fan with an inverter speed control;
  • Single phase supply fan with a run on timer and interlock with a heater;
  • 3 phase heater output to control board;
  • Gas solenoid interlocked with supply and extractor fan;
  • Single phase toilet extractor fan;
  • Single phase and 3 phase air conditioning units;
  • Emergency stop to enable shutdown of the complete system;
  • 7 day time clock with BST auto set back.