St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Even before the pandemic, maintaining air quality in a hospital was essential for the well-being of its patients, visitors, and staff. Even more essential than that of the general hospital, are the departments like pathology, theatres, virology, and rare diseases, which all have the potential of distributing airborne viruses.

To address the NHS’s concerns relating to air quality, all new installations have to meet or exceed the NHS standard HTM-03.01 for Compliant Hospital Air Handling Units (AHUs),
with regards to performance and construction.

In the early part of 2022, AirCraft Air Handling selected Sarum Electronics for the design, manufacture and supply of an AHU control panel solution to support the very large, bespoke and HTM-03.01-compliant AHU at the Pathology Lab in St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Britain’s oldest hospital.

After Sarum’s AHU controller manufacture, our technical team undertook thorough pre-delivery testing prior to the final quality checks which were undertaken at AirCraft Air Handling’s premises.

The Sarum control panel solution for St Bartholomew’s Pathology Lab incorporated:

  • A client-supplied Trend Control Systems smart controller, to allow for connectivity to the Hospitals’ Building Management System (BMS).
  • EC Fan speed control direct from the Trend module, with airflow proving via pressure switches.
  • Supply and exhaust damper controls, using power open spring return actuators with auxiliary end switches to monitor when the dampers are open.
  • Pre-heated supply air with further temperature conditioning, using a Mitsubishi heat pump with temperature set points configured by the Trend smart controller system.
  • Schneider enclosure fitted with a canopy and weatherproof windows, as the system is installed on the rooftop.

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